Care without carbon campaign

Dare to care?

Propositional questions, a conversational tone and playful typography makes an unexpected sustainability campaign.

Working with the environmental intitiave at Sussex Community NHS Trust, I created a campaign that inspired 5,000 new commitments from staff to help create a greener NHS. The concept, messaging and visual identity for the campaign came from two key challenges we had – How do we ask staff to get involved without adding another item to their already lengthy to-do lists? And how do we create a campaign that visually stands out in postergeddon office spaces?

The campaign built up over time and began with posters asking the simple ‘Do you dare?’ to trigger curiosity and intrigue. An online pledge platform was then created to show the many but simple ways people can get involved. New Dares are continously added and the results visualised.

Do you are - poster

Do you are - website

Campaign champions

NHS Green Champions then emerged from the campaign, I worked with a local photographer to feature these Champions and their achievements on posters and Social Media graphics.

Do you are - poster 2

Do you are - placemat

I created this campaign whilst working at and photography was commisioned by Ali Tolervy