Together Co rebrand

Connections that change lives

Earlier this year Together Co (formerly Brighton & Hove Impetus) made important changes to their focus of work in tackling loneliness in our city with their Befriending and Social Prescribing services. They needed a new brand to communicate this focus and reflect the truly brilliant organisation they are today.

I began the project partnering with Brand Strategist Emmie Spencer who created Together Co’s new brand proposition, name and verbal identity. The brand strategy workshop ran by Emmie, was an opportunity for the team to share their insights and get involved in the branding process, whilst deepening my understanding of the organisation. The conversations, thoughts and keywords that came out of the workshop later inspired their new name and visual identity.

Together Co - poster

Creating an inclusive visual identity

Together Co unites people together in a safe space for friendships to grow, the logo brackets symbolise this and the spacing between implies that there is room for others to join. The logo, fonts and colours feel friendly, bold and optimistic. Bringing these words, brand characteristics and values to life.

Together Co - poster 2

Together Co - placemat

Brand toolkit

Together Co provide support for the diverse mix of people that make up Brighton and Hove, but their photography didn’t reflect this and had visual connotations with the care sector. Instead I wanted the new photography to represent everyone and show the equal benefits and emotions shared between those connected.

This new photographic approach was guidelined and added to their new brand toolkit, combined with a suite of icons and graphic devices. Which was applied to newly branded materials including an Impact Report, e-newsletter, pop-up banners, social media graphics and other marketing materials.

Together Co - placemat

Website design

Together Co supports people in all kinds of circumstances, quite often experiencing physical or mental health conditions. The new website was created with this audience in mind, it needed to be accessible and inclusive for everyone with a clear and simple design. To improve accessibility I made recommendations to change and reduce the copy on the website, it was previously too text heavy with an unclear reading hierarchy. The website structure and navigation was also transformed to make key information easier to find.

The new brand and website has helped Together Co to form new corporate partnerships, recruit volunteers and have since been featured on BBC South Today News. All helping to raise awareness for the life-changing work they do.

Together Co - poster 2

Together Co - placemat

Together Co - placemat

I collaborated with Brand Strategist Emmie Spencer on the brand. Website build by Frances Holder and photography by Emma Croman.

Website success

Data comparing July 2018 to post rebrand and website launch in July 2019


increase in new users


increase in page views


increase in time spent on the website


decrease in bounce rate